How much does ShipWorks licensing cost?

At the time of writing this documentation (February 6th 2020), ShipWorks charges per store connection and Fishbowl will appear as a ‘ShipWorks Store’, therefore you should expect to pay ShipWorks for the connection and volume of orders associated with Fishbowl Shipments transmitted to ShipWorks.

How does the integration work?

The integration implements the ShipWorks Generic Store functionality as a web service. This web service requires a Windows computer and the relevant networking to connect the ShipWorks clients to the web service.

Where do I install the software?

Ideally, it is installed on the same windows computer where Fishbowl is installed. Advanced setup configuration may be possible for those with Linux or Mac server installations, but our software must run on a Windows computer.

Does this work with Fishbowl Hosted Services?

Yes, it does, but we will need the cooperation from Hosted Services to open firewall ports to access the store.


Can I download Sales Orders instead of Shipments from Fishbowl to ShipWorks?

Yes! However, Fishbowl requires a Ship Carton to store tracking numbers. A Ship Carton is only available when a Pick has finished and is complete. We also recommend orders to be marked as Packed in Fishbowl to enable complete orders to transmit to ShipWorks.

Currently, we cannot send order changes/updates from Fishbowl to ShipWorks. A common workaround is to void the Shipment in Fishbowl and re-pick to send a complete order to ShipWorks.

Do I need Fishbowl?

Yes, this software works with Fishbowl and requires the Fishbowl Server to be installed on a Windows server.

Can I download Orders from ShipWorks to Fishbowl?

Unfortunately, ShipWorks does not allow us to download orders from ShipWorks to Fishbowl. The “Generic Store” functionality allows Fishbowl to appear to ShipWorks as a order source. It is not possible to access the ShipWorks data and use it to download orders.

Please do not buy this product for this purpose!