User Guide

Using ShipWorks with Fishbowl is really easy. Below are topics that will allow you to easily understand how to ship packages quickly with Fishbowl and ShipWorks. For full ShipWorks training you will need to contact ShipWorks directly at


Getting Orders to ShipWorks

After orders have been entered into Fishbowl and sent to the shipping module, they are ready to be downloaded to ShipWorks.


Processing Orders in ShipWorks

Click the Download button from the Home tab to pull Fishbowl shipments into ShipWorks.

After orders are imported, they will show up in the generic module as a shipment.

Printing a label will generate tracking information and automatically post back to Fishbowl.

As the tracking and shipment come back to Fishbowl, the order is closed and the sales order is fulfilled.

Manual Shipment Update from ShipWorks to Fishbowl

If a label happens to get printed and the data isn’t automatically uploaded to Fishbowl, you can manually re-transmit the shipping data by highlighting the order, right clicking, and selecting Update Status → Upload Shipment Details.