User Guide

In this document you will find the relevant instructions on how to use the Mass Apply Plugin.

Accessing The Plugin

The Mass Apply Plugin button can be found in various modules that support Custom Fields.


Enabled Modules List

  • Bill of Materials

  • Company

  • Customer

  • Manufacture Order

  • Part

  • Purchase Order

  • Product

  • RMA

  • Shipping

  • Sales Order

  • Transfer Order

  • User

  • Vendor

  • Work Order

Using The Plugin

The Mass Apply Plugin will open a popup and pull in the module's Custom Fields. The left pane contains the Custom Fields list as well as the field type and the field value to be updated. In the right pane, you can enter the numbers for all of the records you’d like to batch update, entered as a record number on each new line.


Once you are finished, you can press the Mass Apply button and the “Imported!” message should pop up. If there are any errors, they will be displayed.


You can now verify that the values have been applied to the list of records.



Video Guide

Coming soon!