Mass Apply


ILC's Mass Apply Plugin for Fishbowl Inventory is an easy way to manage your Custom Fields within Fishbowl. Quickly update several records with only a few clicks. Save yourself the hassle of updating Sales Orders, Bill of Materials, Parts, and many more Fishbowl modules. This easy-to-use tool appears as a button in your Fishbowl client, allowing quick access to the tool.

Using it is easy, just paste in your desired records to update and set your new values for each module’s Custom Fields, then click Mass Apply, and the plugin takes care of the rest! What used to take several minutes now takes seconds to complete.

Mass Apply is great for updating statuses of orders, logistics planning, and order scheduling. Instead of spending time creating a spreadsheet and importing the records, quickly copy and paste your updates in a flash. Customers consider using Custom Fields more if there was an easier way to update records. Mass Apply provides that functionality quickly and efficiently.

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